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NEW addition: Vintage and Cool Washburns for sale -- classifieds. *Reviews

NEW: The Washburn Acoustic Collection

*Discontinued "Newer" USA Washburns

Wayne and Garth reunite to make their 2011 Oscar picks and take a liking to 'Winter's Bone. Mike Myers still uses his pointy headstock G-20V for the skits.




Some Vinnie Vincent fans with eagle eyes have found the only video which shows Vinnie playing his prototype Washburn. The video below shows Vinnie playing his Jackson, Carvin, and Washburn. The Washburn can be seen up close a few times, most notably around 2:37 and the up-close shots of the solo.



A new page has been dedicated to the recently discontinued USA models. Check it out here.


After a long search, the Vince Neil - You're Invited (But Your Friend Can't Come) Live video has finally been found. This is the only footage of Steve Stevens playing his prototype SS100.



HUGE updates: Bass section (all models including the rare SECs), Force (G series), Legacy/Silverado, KC series, Paul Stanley signature, MG series, Maverick Series. More to come...

There's is a black EC26 currently on the market. Email for details.


The Nuno section has been updated. Also, check out extendedcutaway.com -- a sister site to vintage Washburn discussing specifics on the Stephen's Extended Cutaway.


More updates will come this summer including the Nuno and Dimebag signatures. Writers are wanted for the acoustic sections.


Jennifer Batten of Michael Jackson fame has done an interview regarding the history of her guitars. Check it out here!



Check out Washburn TV:



Wiring Diagrams and other misc. electronic info has been posted.



I have been getting a lot of emails lately often asking "What is my instrument worth?" I appreciate the concern, but it would be better if questions were posted on the forums. I often get the same questions regarding exact models. For example, I got four emails in one day asking how much an HM-20 is worth. Instead of answering all emails, it would have been easier for answer it on a forum topic. Also, others may have more knowledge than me regarding certain models. Washburn instruments are hard to determine values because there are few models which the market is after at the moment. It's worth what people will pay for them -- it is that simple. If the demand isn't high, you will most likely not get more than $400. Check ebay listings to see what your guitar is being sold for.

In regards to site updates, the Bass section may be the next in line. Things have been quite busy, but new catalog pics will be placed soon. Thank you for your patience.


Check out the new Washburn Custom Shop page for some interesting photos taken from the US Music Corp custom shop (Washburn and Parker guitars) in Mundelein, IL.


Photos and stories on the Washburn custom shop visit will be posted soon.


Dave Talkin has finished the Steve Stevens article. Check it out! There are many more plans ahead of us, so stay tuned. There will be photos, videos, and more when I visit the Washburn custom shop.


The acoustic sections have been updated with catalog pics. The site is currently in the final stages of development and hopefully will be ready to go within another month before I start marketing it. I will be visiting the Washburn custom shop in two weeks, where I will have very interesting video and photos to share (as well as great information, of course). Dave Talkin is working very hard on the Steve Stevens signature article and is in the final stages of finishing it. I have developed a great deal of information on some models over the past couple weeks, and I can't wait to share all of this information. For those of you who actually know about this site right now, feel free to tell others. This is the only vintage Washburn site on the net, and for a company which has been around for 100+ years, the information and historical aspects of the company will now finally be explored into great depth. I am very excited to begin this project, and I hope all you of are too.


Coming soon - Steve Stevens Signature!

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Acoustics updated: EC series, Festival Series

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