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Stage Series (A Series)



The Stage Series, along with the Wing series, was one of Washburn's most notable series. Many rock artists picked up the HM-20 to be in their arsenal in the early 80s. The A series started up in around 1980 and stayed until 1985 when the Tour series (HM) took over. The A series would make a return in 1996 when it would reissue the 10, 20, and a rare A-30 Artist Series.







Rare Prototypes

During the 1984-1985 period, Washburn was developing prototypes which would evolve into the Tour HM series. The HM-80 was one of these prototypes which emphasized a mixture of the A and HM series. Another prototype recently come about, called the A-23K. The A-23L featured a set-neck, ebony fingerboard, washburn wonderbar, and three humbuckers. It is unknown how many exist. There was also the G-35K.

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