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Vinnie Vincent Signature

In 1987ish, Washburn and Vinnie Vincent (of KISS and Vinnie Vincent Invasion) teamed up to produce the VV signature guitar in the style of his double-V Jacksons. The prototype shown in the photos was made by Steve Davies (creator of the N4 and Stephen's Extended Cutaway) in his shop in Seattle. To this day, the prototype is the only VV model ever to be produced, and for some reason, the model never went into production. A few Vinnie Vincent Washburn signature decals still reside in the Seattle warehouse to this day. Below is a silkscreen of one. You can see the faded "Vinnie Vincent" with a good eye:

In 1996, rumours began to surface that VV was to endorse a USA MG style guitar made by Grover Jackson. The model was to be called the "Venom/Viper/MG900" and was a variant of the 22 fret USA superstrat MG series (the first one produced went to Joe Perry of Aerosmith as a gift). Sometime in 1996, Grover Jackson left the Washburn custom shop and the model was never heard of again.


The video below shows Vinnie playing his Jackson, Carvin, and Washburn. The Washburn can be seen up close a few times, most notably around 2:37 and the up-close shots of the solo. 



"Laney is distributed by Washburn guitars. Washburn will be marketing my Vinnie Vincent model guitar. Nothing will change my pink Jakson. It's a big part of me. It'll be the same guitar except it'll say Washburn on the neck. they have big plans for advertising in all the magazines"

Taken from the Vinnie Vincent Invasion fanclub years ago.

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